Congratulations To All The Winners!

12/1: La Cense Beef (7-pound prime rib roast and 4 pounds beef burger) - Charlie J. From North Carolina
12/2: Dave's Gourmet (3 gourmet pasta sauces: Masala Marinara, Butternut Squash & Heirloom Tomato) - Piyush D. from San Jose, California
12/3: Nielsen Massey (3 bottles of vanilla extracts: Madagascar, Tahitian & Mexican + Nielsen Massey cookbook) - Elle H. from Raleigh, North Carolina
12/4: Mission Minis ($25 gift certificate) - Sara M. from Sunnyvale, California
12/5: Ticings (holiday-themed Ticings® peel-&-press edible stickers) - Sandy H. from Biloxi, Massachusetts
12/6: Cypress Grove Chevre (Flashback Family Gift Pack: Ms.Natural (plain), Sgt.Pepper (exotic spices & pepper threads), Purple Haze (lavender), PsycheDillic (dill) and Herbs de Humboldt (Herbes de Provence) - Meaghan L. from Lake Forest, Illinois
12/7: 479° Popcorn (Sweet Tooth Package: Fleur de Sel Caramel [x2], Chipotle Caramel + Almonds, Ginger Sesame Caramel and Vietnamese Cinnamon Sugar) - Sabrina C. from Torrington, Connecticut
12/8: Susie Q's (Red Gadget Box: Pinquito Beans, Salsa, Seasoning, California Red Oak Chips & Sherry Citrus Rib Glaze) - Sherry M. from St. Louis, Missouri
12/9: Bob's Red Mill ($50 gift certificate) - Nora D. from Brookline, Massachusetts
1210: MetroMint (1 split case: half chocolatemint, half peppermint) - Jennifer T. from Arlington, Virginia
12/11: Milk Pail Market (five $25 gift certificates) - Abi S. from Palo Alto, California, Pooja D., Joshua L., Stefani L. & Jen A.
12/12: Romanicos Chocolate (Cube Box: premium Belgium handmade chocolates with colored patterns on top, they're filled with fresh fruits pastes, spreads or nuts) - Maneesha P. from Fremont, California
12/13: Bellindora (Champagne Pear Vinegar, Balsamic Cherry Vinegar and EVOO) - Rene W. from San Jose, California
12/14: Mary's Gone Crackers (12 8-oz. bags - 4 of each pretzel sticks: Sea Salt, Chipotle Tomato, and Curry) - Del M. from Houston, Texas
12/15: Das Foods (Burgundy Box, Assortment of salted caramels: Chili Pecan, Orange Honey and Ginger Pistachio) - Sherry M. from St. Louis, Missouri
12/16: Organics Are for Everyone (2 12.3-oz jars of organic, pure date syrup) - Donald E. from Buda, Texas
12/17: Napa Farmhouse 1885 (1 fig & Grand Marnier jam, 1 pear & vanilla preserves, 1 orange & ginger marmalade, 1 organic herbs de Provence and 1 organic Italian seasoning) - Ginny from Derwood, Maryland
12/18: Nuts About Granola (Outdoor Gift Pack including: Organic cotton logo tee,SIGG logo water bottle,1 (12-ounce) bag of Off Road Granola, Three (2-ounce) bags of peanut butter blends) - Inna M. from San Jose, California
12/19: Somersault Snacks (Five 6-ounce packages of their nuggets: Dutch Cocoa, Salsa, Pacific Sea Salt, Cinnamon Crunch & Salty Pepper) - Susan B. from Derby, Kansas
12/20: H.K. Anderson Pretzels (Assortment of all four varieties) - Grace M. from Abingdon, Virginia
12/21: Bourbon Barrel Foods (Assortment of Bourbon Barrel products) - Eula H. from Brooklyn, New York
12/22: (Combination of ½ ounce pure saffron threads, vanilla extracts, vanilla paste & vanilla beans) - Rebecca K. from Austin, Texas
12/23: Zojirushi (Umami rice cooker) - Andrea J. from Houston, Texas
12/24: John Kelly Chocolates (Large Assortment Tower) - Pandora G.
12/25: Redwood Hill Farms & Green Vally Organics (Assortment of Jackie's favorite products) - Alan B. from Schertz, Texas

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