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Butternut Squash Olive Oil Muffins Recipe

Butternut squash olive oil muffins are moist, sweet little treats. I chose butternut squash as the main flavoring of this muffin batter for two reasons. First, butternut squash is available year-round, and second, its texture is perfect for these sweets. I picked a ripe butternut squash that felt heavy, so the flesh was intense-orange with a sweet and nutty flavor. I steamed the squash, then turned it into a puree. Butternut squash imparts an added natural sweetness similar to sweet potatoes and pumpkin, without being stringy.

I also mixed in chopped dark chocolate for a more decadent effect. And instead of using regular softened butter, I used olive oil for an extra kick of flavor. I baked them in oval mini muffin pans and ended up with 40 muffins, so we took half of the batch to the office in the morning and shared them with Lulu's co-workers. I got back an empty pan, so they must have turned out OK!

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