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The Big 3-0 Recipe

The Big 3-0

07.03.10 by Jackie
Turning 30 isn't as scary as I had imagined! Yesterday was my birthday, and to celebrate my 30th trip around the sun, I spent the day in San Francisco surrounded by my family. 10 years ago I took my first trip to San Francisco, and I didn’t know that it was going to become my home, or that I was going to meet the love of my life (and his wonderful little sisters of course). It’s amazing how time flies. Back then, Lulu’s 3rd sister (the one with all the allergies) was only 6 months old. When I got married 6 years ago, my little munchkin (Lulu’s youngest sister) was only 3 months old. Not only are they wonderful little sisters-in-law, but they make great mile markers as well!
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Happy Birthday Lulu! Recipe

Happy Birthday Lulu!

10.06.09 by Jackie
Yesterday was a very special day. It was my Lulu's birthday. And it also marks exactly 5 years since he came to Paris and took me to California to get married. He's my Prince Charming, but instead of galloping toward me on a white horse, he arrived on a white plane. It's amazing how time flies.
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A Day of Birth and Birthday Celebrations Recipe
Lulu's cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and fellow blogger Danielle celebrates her 30th birthday.
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Happy Birthday Jacqueline! Recipe

Happy Birthday Jacqueline!

07.02.09 by timran
Happy Birthday Jacqueline! Though you may not know who I am, if you've been reading Jackie's blog, I'm sure that you've heard of me. This is "Lulu", Jackie's husband. I'm sneaking a post onto without my wife's knowledge to let you know that today is her birthday.
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