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Everything You Can Cook with Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have to admit, even though our grocery shopping chores are done, I haven't started prepping anything just yet. The reason is that I still don't know how many guests are going to attend our feast. The list keeps growing by the hour! What I know for sure is we're going to have Thanksgiving leftovers on Friday. Sunny's college roommate, M. K., is going to be staying with us so I hope she'll have a good appetite for all the food I prepare for her! 

If--like us--you're about to cook for a large crowd and fear you're going to have a lot of leftovers and don't want to waste all the food, look no further! I’ve put together a list of my favorite recipes that you can use to cut into that mountain of mashed potatoes, stuffing and more.

According to a recent article I read in the news, the average American consumes about 4,500 calories during the Thanksgiving celebrations!! I don't think our family members will reach that calorie count but I know we will enjoy the festivities and one another's company. 

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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes Recipe

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

11.25.11 by Jackie

Even though (and perhaps especially because) we cook a lot because we're a large family, we try to minimize waste as much as possible. Since Thanksgiving was yesterday, I'm sure like us you have Thanksgiving leftovers that you would like to do something with. Look no further; I’ve put together a list of my favorite recipes that you can use to cut into that mountain of mashed potatoes, stuffing and more.

You can stuff mushrooms with stuffing and make cute appetizers that will disappear in no time. You can blend vegetable casserole into soups.You can also make a thanksgiving leftover casserole with mashed potatoes, use either stuffing, vegetable casseroles or mashed potatoes as a filling in savory tarts. Last but not least, You could always use slices of turkey and cranberry sauce in a sandwich that you can pack while shopping on Black Friday.

Finally, I would like to share with you a joke that my husband Lulu made at the dinner table. I had made some miso gravy for the vegetarians at the house and Lulu exclaimed: "Miso gravy? Mmm Me so hungry!" No one laughed but me; I have to admit I laughed so hard. You might not find it funny but what can I say, maybe that’s the reason why Lulu and I are made for each other. 

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