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Julie and Julia Movie Review Recipe

Julie and Julia Movie Review

08.07.09 by Jackie
I just got back from watching "Julie and Julia" at the movie theater, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you while they're still fresh.
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Four-Course, Julia Child Inspired French Meal in Honor of the Movie Julie and Julia Recipe
Today's the opening of the movie Julie and Julia. I'm so excited! I just got the tickets; the reviews seem great. I created a Julia Child-inspired meal in honor of the movie Julie and Julia. Check out my four-course menu.
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An Entire Week of Julia Child Inspired French Recipes Recipe
A lot of foodies identify with Julia Child. In my case, I see both similarities and differences with her. She came to France and she discovered a new cuisine in French cooking. She spent a lot of time making a cookbook so that she could bring that cooking back to her home and share it.
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