Earth Day Recipes

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Earth Week Inspired Menu (Vegan Recipes) Recipe

 It's Earth Week, and as I mentioned yesterday, the girls' school is holding many events that are aimed at awareness of sustainability issues. A few examples are simple, such as not wasting food or composting vegetable peels. I dug a hole in our backyard and gather the food scrap there. It's been 3 months and it's really working. 

The girls decided to go vegan (check out the link above for more vegan recipes) which means avoiding products that may contain even trace amounts of animal products. You'll notice the meal I describe here is very light in calories, so don’t hesitate to compensate with a coconut-filled dessert (the best bet when going vegan). Enjoy!

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Balsamic Marinated Eggplant Recipe Recipe

It's Earth Day and the girls' school holds many events to educate them about how they can demonstrate support for environmental protection. Sunny, my 18-year-old sister-in-law,  made a vow to go vegan this week. So the idea behind this summery dish is to highlight the beauty of fine balsamic vinegar while keeping the rules that are set for Earth Week in support of what's being done worldwide. For this dish, I simply sliced large meaty eggplants and sprinkled salt over them to draw out the moisture and prevent any bitter taste or soggy texture. Then, the only thing that mattered was the flavors for the marinade. 

I used quality balsamic vinegar, a bit of unsweetened cocoa, Dijon mustard as a binder, curly parsley for color and pine nuts for garnish. My favorite pairing with this dish is seafood. Stay tuned for tomorrow's recipe and see what kind of fish I cooked.  

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