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Super Bowl Sweets Recipe

Super Bowl Sweets

01.30.15 by Jackie

Superbowl Sunday is this weekend. Unfortunately, Lulu, my husband, is traveling and won't be back to the US until Monday. He asked us to record the game and he'll try to avoid the results when he returns.

Little Aria and I aren't super keen on football except that we know how to cheer the team with our favorite gear and we love Superbowl party foods. I've selected our favorite fan-friendly sweet snacks that I think are perfect to savor while rooting for your favorite team. Enjoy the game!

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Super Bowl Party Tips Recipe

Super Bowl Party Tips

02.02.14 by Jackie
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Super Bowl XLVII Recipe Round Up Recipe

I can't believe the week has gone by so fast. Here's a Super Bowl recipe round up in case you're looking for inspiration. My husband has geared up (and I think he looks positively adorkable) and has been proudly wearing his SF 49ers pin, cufflinks and cap. Enjoy, and as Lulu would say, "Go Niners!" (or the other team if you prefer...).

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Superbowl Party Food Ideas Recipe

Superbowl Party Food Ideas

02.05.11 by Jackie

As promised, here are a few recipe suggestions that you can make for your Superbowl party. I selected dishes that are easy to eat, fried, cheesy and otherwise perfect to munch on while glued to the TV this Superbowl Sunday. If you're feeling bad about the nutritional content of your Superbowl, put a plate of veggies on the table. People will eat them as long as there's a high-calorie dip nearby that they can submerge those celery and carrot sticks in. Enjoy the game!

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Superbowl Sugar Cookies Recipe

Superbowl Sugar Cookies

02.04.11 by Jackie

As a French girl, it’s probably not surprising how ignorant I am about American football. My husband Lulu has tried several times to teach me the rules, and failed miserably. I'm trying hard, I promise!  At the very least, I can participate in the fun by whipping up some delicious snacks to enjoy during the game.

Today, I made batches of sugar cookies using the colors of both teams. I used black and yellow for the Steelers and green and yellow for the Packers. The black, yellow and green cookie doughs were respectively flavored with semi-sweet chocolate, Meyer lemon and pandan paste.

I remember a few years back that the Steelers were participating in the Superbowl as well, so they must be a good team. Lulu's rooting for them, but with these cookies you can represent yourself no matter which team you're cheering for. I’m also going to post a list or two this afternoon of other tasty treats that you can serve at your Superbowl party, so stay tuned for that. I hope you enjoy the food and the company this Sunday!

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