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Oyster Israeli Couscous Salad Recipe Recipe

Israeli couscous, also known as Middle Eastern couscous or pearl couscous, is a great alternative to potatoes, rice or pasta. I served the less-common starch with oysters and marinated artichokes as a starter during a recent dinner party. 

I served the Israeli couscous salad with wild cherry-flavored red pepper and walnut sauce, which complements the dish wonderfully and provides a pleasant color contrast. 

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My Thoughts on the Ruth Reichl (Gourmet Magazine Editor-in-Chief) Event in Palo Alto Recipe
The Commonwealth Club of Silicon Valley presented a special event with Ruth Reichl, Gourmet’s Editor-in-Chief, in Palo Alto yesterday. I couldn't miss it. The event was structured as an interview, and was actually streamed live on the radio as well. Here are my thoughts about the event.
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