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Lavender: Varieties and Uses (Video) Recipe
Lavender is a wonderful herb that is not only use for aromatherapy. I use it for flavoring our barbecue while grilling burgers. It tastes divine steeped in tea. It is a wonderful scent for lotion and it's known for its natural remedies. I also use it as a powerful (and attractive) deodorizer for my wardrobe. I find it calming, aromatic and relaxing. It's easy to grow in any temperate weather. And as a bonus, it's very prolific.
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Lavender Creme Brulee Recipe Recipe

Lavender Creme Brulee Recipe

04.09.10 by Jackie

I've been waiting for the lavender in my garden to blossom to be able to make my own Herbes de Provence mix. I had so much extra lavender that I thought I'd make our family's favorite dessert. Yes, crème brulée strikes again! Lavender has a strong floral taste, so a little bit goes a long way. To enhance the lavender aroma, I added lavender extract that I bought at Sur La Table store in Palo Alto. I really thought that the unusual flavor would turn off the kids but my little munchkin loved the lavender dessert the most and kept saying "It tastes like a flower, I love it!"

It's the third season we're planting lavender in our garden and I've learned that the variety most commonly used for cooking is English lavender, not French! So be on the look-out English lavender the next time you stop at the nursery.

If you're searching for a fancy French dessert for your next dinner party, try this recipe! On the practical side, you can make the cup dessert 'way in advance and create the sugar crust at the last minute. That way you can focus on your guests instead of dessert while still serving something fabulous. Your guests will be in awe.

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