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Father's Day Recipes Recipe

Father's Day Recipes

06.16.10 by Jackie

Father's Day is this Sunday, and we’ve been brainstorming ideas of how to celebrate it. It’s probably obvious by now, but our family is all about the food, so we settled on preparing my father-in-law’s favorite dishes. I put up some recipe suggestions in case you're planning to cook as well. Naturally you'll want to pick the dishes that the dad(s) in your life likes. If he's a meat eater, fire up the barbecue. If he's a chocolate lover, focus on making a super decadent dessert. Even homemade nachos and other party food could work. As for Daddy (my father-in-law), I'll definitely make a large pot of masala chai for him as he's a "chai-oholic". Regardless of his preference, don't forget to add the most important ingredients: a spoonful of love, a pinch of affection and a dash of tenderness.

Papa (my dad) still lives in Paris and it made me so happy to talk to him last night. I won't be able to make Papounet's Vietnamese coffee or cook his favorite steak or crab this Dad’s Day, but I'll be thinking about him.

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