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Crosnes Sauteed in Butter Recipe

Crosnes Sauteed in Butter

01.18.11 by Jackie

Crosnes, also known as Chinese artichoke, chorogi, knotroot or stachys affinis, are French rustic root vegetables. The little worm-looking tubers were brought to France from Japan around the 19th century and were renamed after an area near Paris (in the Essone region), called Crosne.

The vegetables are considered gourmet and are served at upscale restaurants. They cost 35 Euros  ($46) a kilo. My husband Lulu saw them at an open air market and was intrigued by their shape; he'd never tasted them before. The preparation was quite simple. I boiled them, then sautéed them in butter and squeezed on a little lemon juice. Crosnes can also be eaten thin-sliced raw or pickled in salad. They're very healthy; they're rich in protein and betaine (improves digestion and helps fighting stress). In Asia, they're called chorogi, which means "longevity" because of their nutritional value. So if you come across these "forgotten" vegetables at a farmers' market in your area, give them a try!

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