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Vinegar is such a commonly used ingredient in so many dishes that it needs no introduction.  But I've learned that it's often the simplest products that we know the least about. 

One of my husband's closest friends, Laura, makes wonderful jams and jellies. She recently gave us a delicious bottle of home-made vinegar, and I asked her for the recipe.  Enjoy!


Yields: 1 bottle

1 French Mother of Vinegar
1 bottle of wine


Place the French Mother of Vinegar in a plastic or ceramic crock with a lid that allows airflow while keeping out dust – eg, you can loosely attach a coffee filter over the mouth of the jar, or get a Chinese crock that has an airhole in the lid, which works perfectly and fill up with leftover wine of any kind. 

It takes 1 month-4 months to turn to vinegar, depending on the size of the mother in relation to the wine, and how warm the crock is kept (at 70-80 degrees as in our sunny windowsill, it happens fast; at 50-60 degrees in our garage, it goes slowly). 

Taste it for doneness and when it’s ready, ladle or siphon off the vinegar and add more wine to the crock so the Mother can stay fed and healthy. To use the vinegar, you can use it straight from the crock, or filter it through a strainer or coffee filter to remove any particulate matter like a spot of dust or residue of the Mother that may be aesthetically annoying.


You need good French Mother of Vinegar (mere de vinaigre) to start get your vinegar started.  You can buy it directly from Laura at Mother of Vinegar, also known as Acetobacter, is a bacteria that takes alcohol and air and makes vinegar. 

Published By: Jacqueline Pham on February 17, 2009.


as sufficiently-aerated wine will naturally vinegrate in a short time; after that, it can be used to vinegrate cider, wine or beer.

Beer should only be added to vinegar a little at a time; its low alcohol content makes it prone to mold.
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[-] Laura's Vinegar - Guest-Katie
Yes! I knew vinegar was fermented! I'm more excited about this fact than I should be, because my Microbiology lab (where we made yogurt and wine recently) quiz asked us to list 5 fermented foods, and I put vinegar as one of them.

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