Crepe Party: La Chandeleur

Crepe Party: La Chandeleur Recipe

Today (February 2nd) is La Chandeleur and crêpes are part of the French celebration. For those who don't know, a crêpe is a very thin pancake. The legend says that if you catch the crêpe flat (without it being wrinkled) with a pan after tossing it in the air with your left hand while holding a coin in your right hand, you will have a prosperous year until the next Chandeleur. It doesn't require a lot of dexterity, so don't fear!

I prepared 2 batches of crêpe batter and stored them in the refrigerator for tonight. Everyone will make their own version. My absolute favorite is with Nutella.

For savory crêpes, I'll have multiple options: eggs, some charcuterie (cold cuts / preserved meats), all sorts of cheeses, sautéed mushrooms and creamed spinach.

Bon appétit everyone!

Crepe Party


[-] Detroit Eats - Guest-EdSchenk
What a great idea (Crepe party). YOu can go a lot of different ways with just the basic Crepe recipe

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[-] Crepe Party: La Chandeleur - Guest-DailyChef
Love the idea of a crepe party! It's especially great because people can select sweet or savory, depending on their preference :)

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[-] Crêpes - Guest-Memoria
Oh, cool! I've never heard of this tradition. Anything involving these beautiful crêpes is worth celebrating. :)

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[-] Crepe Party: La Chandeleur - Guest-OysterCulture
I love this, but I'm worried about the consequences of dropping one or both

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