Blueberry Maple Oatmeal Smoothie

Blueberry Maple Oatmeal Smoothie Recipe

Oatmeal Smoothies are the fastest way for me to give my husband Lulu a well balanced breakfast. It's also perfect for him when he's on the go. I already made an Oatmeal Vanilla Almond Protein Shake last week so I decided to change the flavor this week. I had blueberry preserves left in my pantry that I made last summer from the berries from our garden. Unfortunately, my blueberry bush hasn't produced any fruit yet, so I ran to my local market and got some fresh blueberries.

The smoothie turned out velvety and creamy, yet still very healthy. You can add your own twist to it by using different fruits and flavors (tropical fruits, berries, different syrups). Be creative.

It's always a great feeling to make something for the ones you love that they can appreciate.  I think that's why I love to cook. This is a perfect recipe to express your affection when you're pressed for time!


Yields: 4

1 package blueberries & cream oatmeal, 1.23 oz
1 cup vanilla soy milk, as needed
3 cups ice cubes
3 Tbs plain yogurt
1 banana, ripe
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 oz whey protein powder
2 Tbs blueberry preserves, to taste
3 Tbs maple syrup, to taste
1/2 package fresh blueberries, about 2 oz


Combine the blueberries and cream flavored oatmeal and 1/3 cup of vanilla soy milk in a small bowl. Place in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Combine the oatmeal, banana, fresh blueberries, whey protein powder, ice cubes, yogurt and vanilla extract in a blender. Blend all the ingredients for about 2 minutes.  While the mixture is blending, add the remaining vanilla soy milk. The consistency of the smoothie should be smooth and creamy.

You'll get about a yield of 3 cups. Pour into 4 glasses. 

Finish with a bubble tea fat straw or a little cocktail drink umbrella for decoration.


You can find whey protein powder in any health food store like GNC or many supermarkets like Whole Foods. I like using protein powder as a supplement for my man who's a vegetarian! Just make sure you that the protein source is clearly labelled.  You should get either whey or soy protein.  If the source is unclear, it is very likely that the protein is derived from remnant animal parts.

I use the Vitamix blender. It's quite pricey but so worth it. I got it for my wedding, and it's really powerful. It crushes ice into sno-cone ice almost instantaneously. It's perfect for smoothies. Just make sure there is some amount of liquid so that the motor does not burn. Vitamix also includes an additional container just for dry ingredients. I use it to make nut flour that is necessary for preparing my Apple tart with almond cream and my Chocolate almond bites.

Published By: Jacqueline Pham on March 25, 2009.


Great idea; some mornings I'm just not up for the texture of oatmeal, but this gives you the health bennies in a different form. Thanks!

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