Indian Dinner Party Menu

Indian Dinner Party Menu Recipe

We hosted an Indian classical music party over the weekend. The artist was Kankana Banerjee. In case, like me, you know nothing about Indian classical music, Ms. Banerjee is one “of the leading exponents of classical music that India has ever produced. She is the recipient of the Kala Saraswati, Andhra Ratna Award which is one of the most prestigious awards from the Government of Andhra Pradesh” (from My father-in-law admires her music very much, and we had the honor of listening to her perform.

Kankana Banerjee Picture

As I mentioned, I haven’t heard any Indian classical music before, so this was quite an experience for me. My little munchkin (my 5-year-old sister-in-law), on the other hand, is an old pro; she is very fond of it and has been singing with her Daddy every evening in anticipation of the concert. I do however know food, and I thought it would be fun to share with you all the dishes that were served. You may not be hosting a music party at your home any time soon, but that doesn’t mean that these dishes can’t make a guest appearance at your dinner table!


Kankana Banerjee
Ms. Kankana Banerjee.




Chudwa is a blend of nuts, dried fruit, puffed rice and various typical Indian spices. My mother-in-law and I spent an entire evening frying each ingredient and made more than 10 pounds of the puffed rice snack.

Indian Samosas Picture
Samosas are popular Indian snacks that are stuffed with potatoes, peas, onions and spices. They are served with mint and tamarind chutneys.

Indian Meat dishes:

Kofta Recipe with Picture
Koftas are Indian-style meatballs in thick gravy.

Goat Khorma Recipe with Picture
Goat khorma (braised goat meat in curry gravy).

Vegetarian Indian Food:

Palak Paneer Recipe with Picture
Palak Paneer is a blend of spinach (or palak in Urdu) and  fried Indian farmer's cheese, called paneer. Both cheese and vegetables are cooked in a spicy cream mixture. 

Indian Side Dishes:

Basmati Rice Recipe with Picture
Saffron Basmati rice.

Naans were also served along with rice. They are Indian round fluffy breads made of white flour; they're probably the most common item on menus at Indian restaurants.

Indian Sweets:

Gulab Jamun Recipe with Picture
Gulab jamun are Indian sweets that are deep-fried, then bathed in rose (gulab) and cardamom.

Gajar Halwa Recipe with Picture
Carrot halwa, gulab jamun and rasmalai were served for dessert.

Indian Drinks:

Pumpkin  Spice Latte Recipe with Picture
Masala chai.

Indian Lassi Drink Recipe with Picture
Lassi (Indian-style yogurt drink).


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