Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving Day Recipe

With Thanksgiving coming up today, everyone must be very busy in the kitchen or watching the games on TV. But I felt it's also important to reflect on the things in life we're thankful for. I feel so grateful and truly blessed by the love of my family and friends. So I think giving back is the most appropriate way to honor the day.

My plan for this year is to send money to Vietnam through the Support the Vietnam Flood Children in Emergency Fund. You might have heard about the flood-ravaged communities in Vietnam this past October. The rice, maize, sweet potato, bean and peanut crops and livestock have been destroyed by the heavy rains. Many buildings were also destroyed by the flooding. Some of my family members were visiting Vietnam recently, and they told me how the affected region is in desperate need of aid.

Regardless of how you do it, if you’re able to please take the opportunity to help those in need this holiday season. There are many worthy causes that need support.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Vietnam Flood Picture
Photos from the Associated Press and the Vietnam Foundation.


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