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Jacqueline Pham My name is Jacqueline (Jackie) Pham, and I started as a way to interact with other foodies. For me, cooking is an expression of love, and I love to cook and I cook for the ones I love. Great food is nourishment for the body and soul.

I was born in the City of Lights, Paris, France. My parents emigrated from Saigon, Vietnam in the mid 70s. From early on I was exposed to both cultures and cuisines. I love delicate French pastries and crave all the traditional Asian seafood dishes. In my mid-twenties, I moved to the sunny San Francisco Bay Area to be with my husband. Like me, he is the child of immigrants, though his parents are from India and he was born in the US.

I know a lot of people guard their cooking secrets like they are a matter of national security, but I'm a believer that knowledge is meant to be shared. I'll be sharing all my secrets, so flip through some of my recipes and get cooking!

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Carole Florian Hello! I’m Carole Florian, the editorial member of the PhamFatale team. I’m a native San Franciscan but I recently retired to Ashland, Oregon with my husband, David. We don’t have kids, but sometimes (especially when we shop for the wonderful produce available here) we get carried away and come home with enough food to feed a family of five! David and I enjoy cooking together (he’s a better cook but I’m a better baker) and we love to try intriguing new recipes.

I graduated in 1968 (yes, I’m 64) from UCLA with a BA in English. I also did some graduate work in journalism at UCLA before heading out into the working world. Over the last 40 or so years, I’ve worked in advertising, graphic design, residential real estate, retail, high tech and the non-profit world.

In almost every one of these jobs, my unofficial title has been “resident editor of all things printed.” I have a passion for language used well, and since I’m sort of a foodie (growing up in San Francisco I was exposed from an early age to lots of different ethnic foods), it’s a special pleasure to work with Jackie to help make her recipes as clear and user-friendly as possible. She provides the delicious; I provide the proper!


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