Watermelon Iced Tea Drink Recipe

Watermelon Iced Tea Drink Recipe Recipe

It's watermelon season again, which means that it's supposed to be really wam here in Northern California, but alas, we're experiencing another cold spell. For those of you enjoying balmier temperatures, I present my incredibly refreshing watermelon iced tea drink.

I flavored the drink with fresh mint and agave nectar; you could omit the syrup depending on the sweetness of the watermelon. In addition to being delicious, this refreshing drink has multiple health benefits thanks to the green tea. It really is the perfect summer drink!


Yields: 8 servings

4 tea bags green tea
1-½ tablespoons agave nectar, to taste
2 cups filtered water (see tips)
6 sprigs fresh mint, + extra for garnish
1-½ cups ice cubes
1 lime, freshly squeezed
1 large watermelon


Making iced green tea:  

Slightly bruise the mint leaves using a mortar and pestle. Heat 2 cups of water until the water is hot, but not more than 160°F. The water should basically be bubbling a little and there should be some steam starting to rise, whereas with black tea, you should reach a roaring boil. Remove from the stove. Immediately place the mint leaves and tea bags into the water. Steep the green tea for about 2 minutes (no longer!).  Add agave nectar. Strain the liquid and discard the tea bags and mint leaves.

Add ice cubes and let cool to room temperature.

Assembly time:

Cut the watermelon into wedges and gather the flesh. Cut into cubes. Reserve 8 cubes for garnish.

In a blender, combine the watermelon and iced tea until very smooth.

Pour into 8 tall glasses. Garnish with watermelon cubes and fresh mint leaves.



I use Lipton green tea bags. Green tea tastes best when steeped for 1 to 2 minutes. Don't steep too long; otherwise it will alter the flavor and might have a bitter taste.

Always start with cold, fresh, filtered water to avoid on off taste because of the chlorine in regular water.

I use the Vitamix  blender. It's really powerful; it crushes ice into sno-cones ice almost instantly. It's perfect for smoothies. Just make sure there is some amount of liquid so the motor doesn't burn. 

You can strain the liquid in a large-mesh strainer before serving if you don't want the watermelon seeds in the drink. The Vitamix blender is strong enough to chop the seeds very fine but most blenders won’t do that.

Agave nectar is made out of the purified sap of cactus-like desert plants. You can find it in specialty stores such as Whole Foods and in many regular grocery stores. You could use any other sweeteners you prefer.

Agave nectar Recipe with Picture

Published By: Jacqueline Pham on July 14, 2011.


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