Happy 4th of July - Independence Day Party Recipes

Happy 4th of July - Independence Day Party Recipes Recipe

I am not a US citizen yet, but Independence Day is still a holiday that is close to my heart. I spent my summers throughout my childhood visiting America, and this is where I've made my home as an adult. So happy birthday USA; for a 233 year-old, you still look great!

The 4th of July is a perfect opportunity to gather family and friends. I don't need much of an excuse to cook up a storm, but a barbecue on a sunny day is the perfect occasion for your loved ones to gather, chat and catch up on everyone's latest activities. I've put together a list of my favorite recipes for a get-together - read on to find out what my favorite picks are!

Sirloin beef steak- What could be better on Independence day than some All-American beef steak. I like the sirloin cut and your guests will too.

beef steak recipe

Spanish-style seafood stew- I'm a seafood lover. The shrimp, mussels and creaminess of the sauce is divine. All you need is a little piece of bread to dip in the spicy broth.

seafood stew

Vegetarian tacos- You can definitely substitute the soyrizo for ground beef for  your carnivorous guests.

tacos recipe

Tarragon-flavored grilled vegetable party platter- You can prep all the veggies in adavance and let your hubby grill them all for you on the barbeque.

Vegetable party platter

Mac and cheese- This dish is the kids' favorite. The béchamel sauce gets inside every single tube-shaped rigatoni. I always make it cheesy and creamy with a nice crust on top.

Mac and cheese

Crostata with pecan and blueberry pie filling- Remember, my memory card crashed so I was not able to post a proper photo of the dessert.

fruit and nut crostata

Apple tart with almond cream- This is a great way to end a meal. You can bake this tarte amandine with another fruit like apricot.

Almond cream tart

Mint and cardamom flavored Arnold Palmer- A flavorful ice-cold drink is always necessary during a hot summer party .

Arnold Palmer

Happy birthday, America! Can't wait for the beautiful fireworks tonight . We'll all be at Shoreline Park in Mountain View, CA. Prepare a blanket, some foldable chairs and enjoy the moment while hugging your loved ones!


Happy 4th Jac. these are all delicious looking eats. Love the tart & crostata, and the drink, and the tacos...well actually everything! A beautiful post indeed!

deeba Website Link
[ Posted at 8:10 AM on 7/4/09 | Reply ]
These look perfect! We're going very traditional for the most part today, but I will be doing a kohlrabi-cabbage-apple slaw and a blueberry-lemon buckle bread for dessert to mix things up a bit. I must try that Spanish seafood stew - I'm a huge fan of recipes with seafood and broth of any type.

Happy Independence Day!

Jen of a2eatwrite Website Link
[ Posted at 10:33 AM on 7/4/09 | Reply ]
What great ideas! Happy 4th!

Ninette Enrique Website Link
[ Posted at 10:01 PM on 7/4/09 | Reply ]


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