Chuc Mung Nam Moi! (Year of the Dragon)

Chuc Mung Nam Moi! (Year of the Dragon)

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới (Happy New Year!)! For Vietnamese and many Asian people, tomorrow will be Tết, the beginning of the Year of the Dragon.

If you'd like to celebrate, here are a few Asian dishes I cooked and shared on the website throughout the year. The weather isn't that great in the Bay Area, so I probably won't step outside (i still haven't lost the baby weight so I don't think I would fit in an ao dai -traditional Vietnamese dress). I hope this year brings you a lot of joyful moments, good health and of course great food!


Banh Cuon Recipe (Steamed Rice Rolls)

Banh Khoai Mon: Fried Taro Cake Recipe


Canh Chua Tom Recipe (Vietnamese Shrimp Soup)

Canh Ga Ham Thuoc Bac: Vietnamese Black Chicken Soup Recipe


Chicken Pad Thai Noodles

Cha Ca Thang Long Recipe: Vietnamese Dill Fish with Turmeric

Mi Xao Don Recipe (Vietnamese Crispy Noodles)


Tofu Dessert in Ginger Syrup (Tau Hu Nuoc Duong)

Rau Cau Dua: Vietnamese Coconut Jello Recipe

Che Bap Recipe (Vietnamese Sweet Corn Pudding)


Thai Iced Tea (Tra Thai in Vietnamese)

Ca Phe Sua Nong (Vietnamese-Style Coffee)


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