Barack Obama's January 20th Presidential Inauguration Luncheon Menu - inspired by Abraham Lincoln

 Barack Obama

Regardless of your political persuasion, today is a historic day.  President-Elect Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States.  For the Inaugural meal, the "Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies" chose Abraham Lincoln's favorite foods. 

This is the first US Presidential Inauguration that I have experienced since moving to the United States from France, and I wanted to do something to mark the occasion.  I thought it would be fun to make these dishes that have nourished two US Presidents.  Since Lincoln was a Republican and Obama is a Democrat, I guess you could call it a bi-partisan feast!  If you're in a patriotic mood, you can make my versions of the Inaugural menu at your home.

Here's the Official Menu (click on the links below for each full recipe):

  • First Course: Seafood Stew, paired with a Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc.

I hope you like these recipes as much as I enjoyed making them.  I'll be posting a new recipe everyday, and I look forward to hearing your questions, comments and tips.

Bon Appétit!





[-] Thanks for doing this - Guest-Celia
This is just awesome. It must have been a bunch of work, but it is a really nice way to mark the occasion.

The cake looks fabulous
[ Posted at 3:01 PM on 1/20/09 | Reply ]
The recipes are surprisingly rustic for a state affair. Nice!
[ Posted at 3:07 PM on 1/20/09 | Reply ]
[-] Thank you so much! - Guest-oscarsmom
Somehow focusing on the food, etc. makes it all seem more real.
[ Posted at 3:10 PM on 1/20/09 | Reply ]
[-] It's very real - Guest-theran
For the first time in nearly a decade, the country has a reason to feel optimistic that something will be accomplished. Even getting to this point is a kind of accomplishment.
[ Posted at 3:24 PM on 1/20/09 | Reply ]
[-] That looks super yummy - Guest-Lesliet
Your friends and family must be very happy to know you.

I have to mention though, that menu isn't exactly in the Michael Pollen mode. There seems to be a certain lack of vegetable items there.

That said, I'd happily consume that meal any day. Just looking at it is totally messing up my diet.
[ Posted at 3:32 PM on 1/20/09 | Reply ]
[-] Thanks Lesliet - Jackie
Yeah I've been reading the Omnivore's dilemma. It's fascinating.

Anyways, no need to diet. That's why God invented treadmills :0)
[ Posted at 3:39 PM on 1/20/09 | Reply ]
[-] Is there a vegetarian option? - Guest-Seneca Doane
Was there at the luncheon?
[ Posted at 3:49 PM on 1/20/09 | Reply ]
and the stew does look amazing.
[ Posted at 4:07 PM on 1/20/09 | Reply ]
[-] Delish! - Guest-BlueStranger
Food as art not only nourishes the body but the mind as well. Thank you for the recipes.
[ Posted at 4:14 PM on 1/20/09 | Reply ]
Great site. Nice to have pictures of the food too, rather than simple descriptions or recipes.
[ Posted at 5:38 PM on 1/20/09 | Reply ]
[-] is this a new White House chef? - Guest-BlackSheep1
I really am curious, as I understand the past 8 years have been ... ahem ... somewhat circumscribed.

I look forward to more dishes (maybe an American lamb stew to come?) with this rustic charm!
[ Posted at 7:49 PM on 1/20/09 | Reply ]
[-] That's an amazing spread. - Guest-spookyttws
s a foodie (and a sous chef) I know I shouldn't be surprised by what the president eats, I just never really gave it much thought. It seems like the Sommelier was doing his/her job, but I'd venture a guess they were all a little drunk at the completion of service
[ Posted at 1:42 AM on 1/21/09 | Reply ]
[-] Wow, thanks. - Guest-barbara3d
I bet people were glad to get out of the cold and eat some good grub!
[ Posted at 1:51 AM on 1/21/09 | Reply ]


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