Happy Bastille Day!

Today is Bastille Day, the French equivalent of the 4th of July. While I was living in France, every year we would go to the Eiffel Tower in the evening and watch the fireworks.

Food is not an integral part of traditional Bastille Day celebrations, but since I am so far from my homeland, preparing my favorite French recipes is probably the best way to connect with my roots and my culture. And of course there's YouTube as well.

Though you can't be at our dinner table tonight, I hope you enjoy the pics!

A Leek Salad with a tangy vinaigrette is a delectable start to any meal.

Leek vinaigrette recipe

Roasted chicken is probably my favorite meat dish. The citrus-infused meat is to die for. And the leftover chicken makes a wonderful sandwich the next day.

Roasted chicken recipe

As a side dish, I think that potato and chicken go hand-in-hand. I love eating the crust while the inside is very creamy.

scalloped potato recipe

Creme brulee is an incontournable (must have) dessert in French cuisine.

creme brulee recipe

I had to include this dessert because chestnut mousse is part of my childhood. I would love sneaking into the refrigerator and getting a chestnut mousse. It's light, airy and sweet.

Chestnut mousse recipe

Madeleines are a great way to end the Bastille Day dinner. Madeleines are moist with a citrus-y flavor that is pleasant to the palate.

madeleine recipe


[-] Great! - Guest-Kristen
What great photos and what great food to celebrate with today... especially the Creme Brulee! May have to cook some up myself as a nod to the French!

Kristen Website Link
[ Posted at 3:51 PM on 7/14/09 | Reply ]
[-] unconfidentialcook - Guest-unconfidentialcook
We're going to a Bastille Day Dinner tonight, and can't wait. I love all your French specialities--I think we're having moules!

unconfidentialcook Website Link
[ Posted at 4:51 PM on 7/14/09 | Reply ]
[-] Prudent & Practical - Guest-Kristin
Everything looks so tasty especially the creme brulee!

Kristin Website Link
[ Posted at 9:28 PM on 7/14/09 | Reply ]
[-] Happy Bastille Day! - Guest-veggievixen
i love themed meals! french food is good. it's awesome that you made all this--i love the idea of hazelnut mousse! yum.

veggievixen Website Link
[ Posted at 10:16 PM on 7/14/09 | Reply ]
[-] Happy Bastille Day! - Guest-Juliana260
Wow, such a great way to celebrate! Everything look so yummie, specially the creme brulee.

Juliana Website Link
[ Posted at 11:03 PM on 7/14/09 | Reply ]
[-] Happy Bastille Day! - Guest-Sophie
What a feast for the eyes!!

I want to tate it all, especially the desserts! So lovely,....

Sophie Website Link
[ Posted at 4:56 AM on 7/15/09 | Reply ]
[-] Happy Bastille Day! - Guest-joshidaniel61
every time i visit your site its hard to leave from the site!

joshi daniel Website Link
[ Posted at 12:34 PM on 7/16/09 | Reply ]
[-] great meal - Guest-lisaiscooking
Your meal looks fantastic! The leek salad is so pretty, and the desserts are incredible. This reminds me that I need a madeleine pan!

lisaiscooking Website Link
[ Posted at 4:12 PM on 7/16/09 | Reply ]
[-] yes, I do enjoy all the pix - Guest-AngiesRecipes
Have you the recipe for the Madeleines? Always love those small golden cakes....

In case I miss any of your recipes in future, I added you to my blog list!
Angie's Recipes

Angie's Recipes Website Link
[ Posted at 11:04 PM on 7/16/09 | Reply ]
[-] Happy Belated Bastille Day - Guest-TangledNoodle
I'm rather embarrassed to be so late to the party but your table looks absolutely delicious! Is there anything left? 8-D

Tangled Noodle Website Link
[ Posted at 10:34 PM on 7/22/09 | Reply ]


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