Four-Course, Julia Child Inspired French Meal in Honor of the Movie Julie and Julia

Four-Course, Julia Child Inspired French Meal in Honor of the Movie Julie and Julia Recipe

I wanted to cook a special meal for the opening of the movie "Julie and Julia". The Contra Costa Times even mentioned my Julia Child-inspired meal.

Click on the photos to get the recipes.


Pissaladiere nicoise recipe with picture

Pissaladière niçoise is named after the city of Nice, located on the Mediterranean coast in southern France. The dish is composed of all the typical ingredients from the region such as black olives, onions, garlic and a bouquet garni. It's quite similar to my tartelette feuilletée aux tomates cerises et trois pestos (3 pesto cherry tomato tartlet).


Galette au fromage recipe

Another great amuse-bouche: Canapés au camembert are the perfect palate teasers. They have a flaky, buttery shell and are covered with a camembert sauce mornay, which is béchamel and some cheese. 

First Course

artichoke a la provencale recipe

Pan-seared artichoke with balsamic glaze. This is a super easy recipe that looks like a million bucks on your table. 


Main Course

faisan a la sauge et aux pommes

Faisan fourré à la sauge et aux pommes vertes (roasted pheasant stuffed with sage and Granny Smith apples). The name of the bird might seem intimidating, but the recipe is as "easy" as making a poulet rôti.  


Vegetarian Side Dishes

French meals are rarely vegetarian...

 Carrot Vichy
 Vichy Carrots. Carottes Vichy is named after the town of Vichy, located on the banks of the Allier River in the northern part of the Auvergne region in France. Vichy is famous for its numerous spas and its carbonated water, which is used in this dish to soften the carrots.


oignons a la creme recipe
Oignons à la crème.  The trick to making this dish look great is to use the right serving dish.  I like these individual serving containers. I got them from Staub. I also use them for making my gratin dauphinois.

Navet persilles (roasted turnips) with picture

 And finally some navets persillés. I roasted them and slathered them in butter. Very flavorful!



I think clafouti (check out the recipe, I just posted it) is one of the most commonly found desserts in France after crème brulée. Clafouti is traditionally made with cherries; the fruits are baked in a custard, crêpe-like batter. Just sprinkle a little powdered sugar before serving and you'll get oohs and ahhs from your guests.

Cherry clafouti recipe with photo

You see, in France, a meal is not only meant to nourish yourself; it's a great occasion to chit chat with your family and friends around a delicious long meal. By the end of the meal, I guarantee that your guests are going to be rassasiés (it means well-fed, full in French).

Bon appétit!


All the recipes were inspired by Julia Child's "Mastering the art of French cooking" cookcook. The book was graciously lent to me by my friend Carole who also edits the posts on PhamFatale. Carole received the book as an engagement present. There is a dedication inside the book that perfectly illustrates Julia Child's influence on homecooks.

Julia Child inspiration

I'm going to watch the movie today with Carole. If you're planning to see it today too, share your thoughts about Julia Child / Julie Powell and Meryl Streep / Amy Adams' performances in the comment section.

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What an impressive meal! I'm especially drawn to the dessert! I'm seeing the movie this afternoon with 10 Utah food bloggers!

Barbara Website Link
[ Posted at 5:47 AM on 8/7/09 | Reply ]
[-] WOWwowWOW! - Guest-ravenouscouple
Amazing! Love the little note at the end as a testament to how great that gift was and how well it's been kept.

ravenouscouple Website Link
[ Posted at 9:17 AM on 8/7/09 | Reply ]
[-] Incredible! - Guest-ValleyWriter
Your 4 course meal looks absolutely incredible. I especially love the artichoke. And since you say it's easy, I might just have to give it a go! Enjoy the movie!

ValleyWriter Website Link
[ Posted at 12:18 PM on 8/7/09 | Reply ]
[-] Wow! - Guest-Elizabeth795
What an awesome menu. Sounds delicious. What I like the most is the thought of sharing it with friends or family. With that many courses, it would (and must have) been an amazing evening. Congrats!

Elizabeth Website Link
[ Posted at 8:21 PM on 8/7/09 | Reply ]
[-] Me too - Guest-AmandaFormaro
I just posted something similar, but mine was just a meal, yours is everything, fabulous! I love the dedication letter :) Hope you enjoyed the movie, I am going to see it today.

Amanda Formaro Website Link
[ Posted at 3:56 AM on 8/8/09 | Reply ]
[-] What a Lovely Spread - Guest-Faith
This meal is absolutely gorgeous! I will definitely be making a few of these recipes!

Faith Website Link
[ Posted at 7:49 PM on 8/8/09 | Reply ]
[-] ooh - Guest-Olga
what a great idea to celebrate the movie! I still haven't seen it and can't wait!

Olga Website Link
[ Posted at 8:54 AM on 8/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] mmmm - Guest-Chris364
Nothing like classical french. They all look pretty tasty, I have to go get Julia's book and try some of these esp. the artichoke.

Chris Website Link
[ Posted at 11:43 AM on 8/10/09 | Reply ]

Thank you for your nice words. The pan-seared artichoke recipe is not in Julia Child's "Mastering the art of French cooking". In fact, none of those recipes are in her cookcook. There is an artichaut à la Provençale recipe but I decided to make my own artichoke version. You can find the recipe here. All the recipes in this post are available when you click on the photos.

[ Posted at 12:03 PM on 8/10/09 | Reply ]
EVERYTHING looks so delicious!


Paz Website Link
[ Posted at 9:59 AM on 8/12/09 | Reply ]
[-] speechless... - Guest-denisechezdanisse
Oh Jackie...I am speechless. Gasp! This meal looks absolutely amazing. Every course looks so delicious. Your family is VERY LUCKY!

Also, thank you for your comment on Chez Danisse.

denise (chez danisse) Website Link
[ Posted at 4:58 PM on 8/12/09 | Reply ]
[-] =) yum - Guest-jenny789
Thanks for the comments on my post! Your meal looked/sounded like a fabulous feast. I'm jealous!

=) I'll be reading your blog! I'm excited! -- hope you'll do the same to mine!

jenny Website Link
[ Posted at 12:02 PM on 8/18/09 | Reply ]
[-] birthday - Guest-AliCasale
And the dedication of the book was written on August 15th which happens to be Julia's birthday and mine of course :)
[ Posted at 5:27 PM on 3/5/10 | Reply ]
Hello Jacqueline!

founding your website is one of the most beautiful discoveries of the year.
Thank you for so many great inspirations!
Can't wait for December to buy your book!
[ Posted at 1:34 AM on 8/17/12 | Reply ]
You're brilliant and warm and gracious. Julia would have loved you, Pham.
[ Posted at 3:53 AM on 8/17/12 | Reply ]