Super Bowl Party Tips

Super Bowl Party Tips Recipe

Please welcome Quinn McAdams, of Healthy Living by Quinn. Quinn is a self-proclaimed healthy living enthusiast. She's always on the lookout for the next workout she can try and she truly believes in the “Do Good, Feel Good” philosophy. Discover her guest-blog article about fun ideas on entertaining for the Super Bowl. 

For football fans, it is that time of year again: “The Big Game”, and all of the excitement that comes with it. If you do not happen to be a football fan, the day is still coming up, and this fact is pretty much impossible to avoid, especially if you are planning to host this year. 

The good news is that there is more to “The Big Game” than just football, as I have discovered in my experience hosting over the years. I have also discovered that even though a party can and often does encompass much more than just a football game, it also comes with its own collection of challenges, including finding the right food, beverages and activities to ensure that you party is enjoyed by all. These are a few tips for ensuring your Sunday party is a hit.

Nachos Recipes

Whether you are entertaining or just preparing a routine evening meal, a casserole dish is often enormously helpful. My husband actually bought me a dishwasher safe one from Red Envelope’s Hostess Gifts page for Christmas last year. I’d say It’s more of a mutually beneficial gift, I use it when we entertain and he gets to reap the benefits of the food! But the possibilities are endless, from traditional favorites like nachos to something more novel such as a vegetable curry casserole; your hungry guests will be pleased.

Pizza Recipe

Often at these parties, a lot of emphasis is put on the traditional savory foods: chips, wings, pizza etc. However, few parties would be complete without the addition of at least one great dessert. I’ve made these “Touchdown Truffles” the past few years – they’ve been a huge hit! 

Chicken Wings

Beer is the beverage most associated with watching football. However, I prefer to also serve something a bit more interesting at my parties. These "Beer Mojitos" from Cooking Channel TV incorporate the iconic brew while also remaining novel.

An important aspect of “The Big Game” parties to take into account is that the game usually ends fairly early, and your guests might want to stick around and have fun. One activity that I have found is always popular is karaoke. Even if you do not have access to karaoke songs/equipment, simply hooking up an iPod and having a lip-syncing contest - with a door prize of your choice - is a great alternative too!

Of course, the focus of any football party is the game itself. One idea for a game related activity is a simple guessing game: have each guest write down their guess for the final score and put all of the guesses in a box. Whoever comes closest at the end can win a door prize!

Throwing any party is a challenge, especially a football party. However, I hope some of these tips will help turn your Super Bowl party into a super success. Good luck!

~Guest-blog article written by Quinn McAdams


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