Demo and Book Signing at Barnes and Noble East Ridge Mall Location

Demo and Book Signing at Barnes and Noble East Ridge Mall Location Recipe
On July 12th, 2014 at 2:00pm the Barnes and Noble at 200 Eastridge Mall will host Chef Jacqueline Pham, best selling author of Haute Potato, Banh Mi and creator of Pham

Today, Saturday July 12, 2014 2:00 PM Eastridge Mall Eastridge Shopping Center, 2200 Eastridge Loop Space 1420, San Jose, CA 95122, 408-270-9470

 Her latest book Banh Mi is complete with recipes for classic Vietnamese pickled condiments, flavorful sauces, fresh baked breads, and classic sides, Banh Mi brings the essential tastes of true Vietnamese cuisine into your kitchen.

Chef Jacqueline will demonstrate how to make authentic Vietnamese coffee and share her vast knowledge with attendees. 

About Chef Jacqueline Pham:
Jackie was born in Paris, France, the city of light and romance; a city known for its history of exquisite food and fashion beginning with the Enlightened Age. Jackie’s parents emigrated from Saigon, Vietnam in the mid seventies in search of a better life for themselves and their children and though born and raised French, Jackie’s parents made certain that she was exposed to both cultures and cuisines.

In her mid twenties, Jackie fell in love and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, also a child of immigrant parents from India. 

With two cookbooks on the market, Haute Potato and Banh Mi, this busy, Mom, Author and Chef also started Why the name PhamFatale? Because one should be seduced by food and the entire history of eating has evolved from the caveman days of survival. The world changed and so did the culture of food. 

Phamfatale is Jackie’s way of sharing her passion with all the foodies and anyone who would like to create memorable meals on their table. Jackie is not afraid to share her amazing recipes with the world, in her every own words she states,” I know a lot of people guard their cooking secrets like it’s a matter of national security, but I am a believer that knowledge is meant to be shared.”

About Barnes and Noble: 

Barnes & Nobles Inc. is a Fortune 500 company, the largest retail bookseller in the United States and the leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products in the country. 

The company operates 663 retail stores (as of January 25th bookstores that serve more than 4.6 million students and faculty members across the country. Barnes and Nobles also operates The company is known for large retail outlets, many of which contain a café serving Starbucks Coffee. After a series of mergers and bankruptcies in the American bookstore industry since the 1990s, Barnes and 
Nobles stands as America’s last remaining national bookstore chain.

For information about the event contact: Barnes & Nobles (408) 270-9477, 2014)


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