New West KnifeWorks Super Bread Review

New West KnifeWorks Super Bread Review Recipe

A few weeks ago, I received New West KnifeWorks' newest knife, the Super Bread. My reaction when I first saw it; was that the design is really awesome. The knife has amazing aesthetic appeal. It's the first time I've ever seen a design like this for a bread knife. Generally, they are much shorter and lighter than chefs' knives. The blade usually also has small serrated teeth but the Super Bread has a wavy-shaped blade and dimples like a Santoku knife.

brioche recipe
Pandan and coconut brioche

croquette sandwich recipe
click on the pictures for the recipe

The main criterion for judging a bread knife is simple: can it slice a loaf of bread without shredding or flattening the bread? In short, I was truly happy with it. It slices delicate baked goods such as brioche without flattening them. It cuts sandwich loaves and crusty bread such as baguettes with aplomb. I also tested the knife on a loaf of raisin cinnamon bread from a local bakery. I asked the bakery not to slice the bread because I wanted to cut it myself. Raisin loaf has gaps on the inside of the bread where the nuts and raisins were rolled in, so if you don't use a sharp bread knife, you're going to squash it. As you can see from the picture, the knife cut the bread like a machine.

New West KnifeWorks Super Bread knife Picture

The Super Bread Knife doesn't look like any bread knife you've ever seen. Since it's not serrated but instead has an undulating edge, I bet it can be used in a broader set of applications than a traditional bread knife. I tried it on tomatoes, and it worked well. In summary, the New West Knifeworks Super Bread knife sports an innovative design that not only looks good, but works well too. It's the best bread knife I've ever used, and it would make a fine addition to your knife set.

Croque Madame Recipe with Picture
Check out today's recipe, it's a croque-madame sammy! Click on the photo to get the recipe.


Hah! I am posting my review for this knife at the end of this week... I really put it to the test. It's the most amazing knife, nonetheless BREAD knife I've ever seen!

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[ Posted at 9:00 AM on 8/26/09 | Reply ]
[-] Looks very beautiful - Guest-Melinda
It looks very pretty.
[ Posted at 5:00 PM on 8/26/09 | Reply ]
But like most bread knives, you can't sharpen it.

Making it a very expensive blunt knife in a few months.
[ Posted at 12:48 AM on 8/27/09 | Reply ]
As I mentioned, the knife doesn't have small serrated teeth but an undulating edge, so it can be sharpened at home with a diamond steel.
[ Posted at 2:23 AM on 8/27/09 | Reply ]
For 179.00 - I better need to smoke a cigarette after I use it! I have expensive knives - Furi, Wusthoff, Henckels - but this is a little much.
[ Posted at 11:56 AM on 8/29/09 | Reply ]
[-] how to become international backery chef - Guest-FOLORUNSOEMMANUEL
Hello,i just want you people to link me up to the rest world in the field of bakery .
[ Posted at 8:12 AM on 11/5/09 | Reply ]


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