Fresh Ginger Apple Celery Carrot Juice

Fresh Ginger Apple Celery Carrot Juice Recipe

When I look back at my New Year's resolutions, you know, those lies we tell ourselves at the beginning of each year, I realize that I haven't made good on my resolution to use our juicer more. I think the only time I used it this year was to make plum juice for a tofu recipe.

My other resolution has gone pretty well. I started this food website on January 1st of this year as our way of keeping track of what we eat and helping the girls have easy access to my recipes when they want to make them on their own. I thought it would help me be more mindful of my family's diet and maybe lose weight. It seemed like a great way to add some discipline to my life.

There are fewer than 90 days left in 2009, so today I decided to break out the juicer and make us some juice. I recently bought a lot of carrots, celery and Fuji apples. All three are perfect for juicing. I combined them in the juicer, and I threw in a touch of ginger to give it a little zing. It tastes delicious and makes a great breakfast.

So clearly I'm not on my way to becoming the next Jack Lalanne, but at least I've made good on another resolution. Now if I could just figure out how to lose 5 pounds before our 5-year-anniversary trip to Cancun at the end of the month...


Yields: 2 quarts

5 pounds carrots
1 (3-inch) chunk fresh ginger
3 celery stalks
2 Fuji apples, unpeeled
2 teaspoons raw honey (optional)
1 Meyer lemon, freshly squeezed


Peel the carrots. Trim the ends. Set aside.

Clean the ginger, carefully removing any dirt. Peel it and set aside.

In a home juicing machine, combine the carrots, ginger, celery and apples. Add lemon juice.

Stir well and drink immediately.


Fresh Carrot Juice recipe with Picture


I didn't find it necessary to add any sweetener to the juice but I added some raw honey in my little munchkin's drink. I used Manuka honey from New Zealand; I found it at my local store. You can also find it online.

raw honey picture

I'm so thrilled I was able to harvest the first Meyer lemons from our garden.

FYI: 2 apples yield about 1 cup of apple juice and two pounds of carrots (about 15 carrots) yield a little less than 3 cups of carrot juice, using the Breville juicer. I love this juicer; there's no need for chopping; because the entire apple fits in the chute.

I juiced the carrot first, then gathered the carrot pulp in a bowl and made carrot mini-muffins for the girls when they came home from school.

Published By: Jacqueline Pham on October 7, 2009.


you've encouraged me to drag out the juicer thank you!!
I'm so pleased to hear someone else uses Manuka's the best for health!

lesley Website Link
[ Posted at 4:49 AM on 10/8/09 | Reply ]
I juiced the carrot first, then gathered the carrot pulp in a bowl and made carrot mini-muffins for the girls when they came home from school.

(you make me feel like a culinary wimp)


Seriously, you are amazing!

SallyBR Website Link
[ Posted at 8:44 AM on 10/8/09 | Reply ]
[-] so amazing and healthy - Guest-OysterCulture
I love the sound of this drink - it looks amazing and so healthy. Cannot wait to give it a try.

OysterCulture Website Link
[ Posted at 9:13 AM on 10/8/09 | Reply ]
[-] Cups - Guest-Jay
I love the cups in the Fresh Ginger Apple Celery Carrot Juice post and Sweet Tamarind post.

May I ask where you purchased them from?

[ Posted at 9:47 AM on 10/8/09 | Reply ]
[-] Re: Cups - Jackie

They're called Moroccan tea glasses. I bought them a long time ago at a vitamin store that has now gone out of business. At the time, there were only azalea, red tunis and amber colors available. I searched and they're available on Amazon, here's the link.

In Morocco, hot mint tea (it's the same technique as the mint Arnold Palmer but in a hot version, I'll post the recipe soon) is poured in this type of glass. When serving, the higher it's poured from the cup, the better to able to release the mint aroma.

Hope this helps!

[ Posted at 1:14 PM on 10/8/09 | Reply ]
[-] Coleen's Recipes - Guest-Coleen
This carrot apple juice sounds delicious. I am not a big carrot juice fan, but with the addition of apple, it would be great. Thanks for sharing.

Coleen Website Link
[ Posted at 1:20 PM on 10/8/09 | Reply ]
[-] Fresh Ginger Apple Celery Carrot Juice - Guest-AndreaWellnessNotes
Your site is so amazing! What a great way to keep track of what you are eating and preserving recipes for your family...

I am finally using my juicer more... This juice sounds great! I have been making a lot of green juice (Romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, apples & lemons). Carrot/apple/ginger is next!

Andrea@WellnessNotes Website Link
[ Posted at 6:43 AM on 10/9/09 | Reply ]
Hehe, this honey is familiar to me ! ;)
Good isn't it ?

Vanille Website Link
[ Posted at 12:10 AM on 10/11/09 | Reply ]
[-] Carrot Juice - Guest-Emma
I tried this recipe with baby carrots, and it was excellent. If you haven't tried juicing baby carrots before, try it out as the flavor is usually smoother! :D

Emma Website Link
[ Posted at 4:24 AM on 10/14/09 | Reply ]

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