The Winner of the Pham Fatale | New West KnifeWorks Bread Contest Is...

The Winner of the Pham Fatale | New West KnifeWorks Bread Contest Is... Recipe

And the winner of the Pham Fatale | New West KnifeWorks Bread Contest is.... drum roll please... Simple One Hour Homemade Bread, submitted by Rachel from La Fuji Mama!

bread contest winner

Toutes mes félicitations (Congratulations) to Rachel, and all the other contestants. The entries were all so beautiful, and the voting was extremely close. In fact, the difference between 1st and 2nd place was less than 10 votes. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's planning on trying out many of the recipes.

Rachel at Fuji Mama

In Rachel's own words, "There were so many awesome entries. I honestly didn't think I had a chance with 'boring old white bread'."

But simple, when done right, isn't boring. I think that's what people found attractive about Rachel's entry. You can check out her Simple One Hour Homemade Bread video.

Rachel will receive the Super Bread Knife (a $179 value) from New West KnifeWorks very soon.

Bread knife

We're verifying the residence of the winner of the Petty knife, and we'll hopefully announce that later on today. Stay tuned!

I've added a "most popular recipe" section to the site. Hope you like it.



Congratulations Rachel! This 'simple' homemade bread looks beautiful - I could eat a whole loaf myself.

Great contest, Jackie!

Tangled Noodle Website Link
[ Posted at 9:07 AM on 10/9/09 | Reply ]
Thank you Jackie for such an awesome contest! I don't think I'll be done anytime soon with cooking all of the new bread recipes I've printed off from the other entries!
[ Posted at 9:56 AM on 10/9/09 | Reply ]
Congratulations to Rachel!

Thanks, Jackie for organizing this cool contest!

SallyBR Website Link
[ Posted at 10:08 AM on 10/9/09 | Reply ]
So many great entries! Congrats Rachel. A bread for busy moms like me. I have bookmarked to try.

Wizzythestick Website Link
[ Posted at 12:45 PM on 10/9/09 | Reply ]
Congratz Fujimama!

Bob Website Link
[ Posted at 1:02 PM on 10/9/09 | Reply ]
[-] Fabulous - Guest-AmandaFormaro
Congratulations to Fuji Mama! Beautiful bread, you deserve it!

Love the new section you set up jackie, looks great!

Amanda Formaro Website Link
[ Posted at 6:25 PM on 10/9/09 | Reply ]


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