Vegetarian Super Bowl Party Food

Vegetarian Super Bowl Party Food Recipe

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us!  I've collected my favorite fan-friendly vegetarian snacks that I think are perfect for enjoying while rooting for your favorite team.

Ball Park Jalapeno Nachos are easy to make and will help you feel like you're actually at the game.  One of the first places my husband took me when we met was an A's baseball game, and we shared a plastic container of these tortilla chips smothered in yellow cheesy goo.  I didn't really care for the game, but the food was good and the company was better (obviously)!



Chips, Guacamole and Salsa are another classic party food.  Try my recipes instead of popping open a can a store bought dip.  Your efforts will be rewarded!



Tacos are another great party food.  You can either assemble them in advance or you can set out all the ingredients and let your guests mix and match as they choose,  Either way, it's messy fun.



For something sweet, you can try my pandan pistachio white chocolate cookies.  They are easy to make and you can freeze logs of the cookie dough in advance for quick baking when you're in a bind.  For extra fun, get some football shaped molds to make the cookies match the occasion. 



Another easy treat is my caramel sauce with your favorite flavor of ice cream.  If you don't have time, you can just buy the ice cream from the store.  Just thin the caramel sauce with a bit of corn syrup and put it in a plastic squeeze bottle.  That way your guests can add as much as they want to their ice cream.



So enjoy the big game and have some good food to go with it! 


[-] To Veggie or not to Veggie - Guest-sturm4403
That is the question ? I Just hope the "StealerS" Do not have the same Refs as their last Super Bowl ? The ones with the Black and Gold Drawers on ,Who helped perpatrate ,their so called win against the Seahawks!!!
[ Posted at 1:46 PM on 2/1/09 | Reply ]
Is that even permitted??? IDOLATER!!!!
[ Posted at 2:07 PM on 2/1/09 | Reply ]
[-] All the couch potatoes I know - Guest-redcolumbine
LOOOOVE the Super Bowl!
[ Posted at 2:20 PM on 2/1/09 | Reply ]
[-] HERESY!!!!! - Guest-HeyWoodj
The author should be covered in barbecue sauce and burned at the stake.
mmmm steak.
[ Posted at 6:35 PM on 2/1/09 | Reply ]
Manly people eat meat. Therefore, this article has no place here.
[ Posted at 11:34 PM on 2/1/09 | Reply ]
I'm a woman, I'm a vegetarian and I love Football. You, my friend, are a moron.

Thanks for the recipe, Jackie. I'm gonna make the nachos for the Pro Bowl.
[ Posted at 11:42 PM on 2/1/09 | Reply ]


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