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Molasses Roasted Yams and Sweet Potatoes Medley Recipe

Molasses Roasted Yams and Sweet Potatoes Medley

01.17.09 by Jackie

You can never go wrong with roasted sweet potatoes and yams. I like to make a medley of the two. Sweet potatoes are different than yams and each brings a different flavor and level of sweetness. This recipe is ultra simple, so it'll give you extra time to focus on other dishes for your meal.

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Gratin Dauphinois (Scalloped Potatoes) Recipe

Gratin Dauphinois (Scalloped Potatoes)

01.04.09 by Jackie

Some of the tastiest things in life are made of few simple ingredients. Gratin dauphinois is one of those dishes. It consists of just potatoes, cream, cheese and butter, with a little salt and fresh cut herbs as garnish. Ok, it's not the healthiest meal in the world but that's why they invented treadmills.

When it comes out of the oven, hissing and bubbling, you and your guests are definitely in for a treat. Having a simple recipe like this gratin dauphinois in your culinary arsenal can help you out when you're pressed for time or when you have unexpected guests, which is often my case.

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