List Of Indian Dal Dishes

09.25.14 by Jackie
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Dal is a mainstay on Indian tables. It's such a staple that it accompanies almost every meal at my home, especially for my father-in-law. In general, the lentil dish is internationally renowned for its simple ingredients: lentils (whatever kind), ghee or oil and chiles with various spices and flavorings such as garlic, ginger or cumin.

Over the years, I've learned to enjoy dal.. Interestingly, the key to a well-balanced vegetarian diet (75% of my family have adopted a vegetarian regimen) is to combine a starch (such as rice) and a legume (such as beans or lentils). My favorite lentil meal is kali dal with freshly steamed browm basmati rice and a dollop of ghee. I've listed a few of our family's favorites for you to try. Dal is nutritious and so tasty with the added heat from the chile peppers. Even baby Aria enjoys many of these dal dishes!

Masoor Dal

Dal Paratha Recipe (Indian Flat Bread)

Masoor Dal Khichdi (Indian Orange Lentil Rice)

Masoor Dal Recipe (Yellow Dal)

Masoor Ki Daal Recipe

Black Dal

Kali Dal (Indian Black Lentils)

Urad Dal

Dahi Bhalla Recipe (Indian Lentil Fritters in Yogurt Sauce)

Masala Vada Recipe (Indian Urad Dal Fritters)

Mash Ki Daal (Dry Urad Dal Recipe)

Toor Dal

Toor Dal with Drumstick Vegetables (Indian Lentil Recipe)

Toor Dal

Pearled Barley

Mash Ki Daal (Spiced Pearled Barley Recipe)

Chana Dal

Stuffed Karela Recipe (Indian Bitter Melons with Chana Dal)

Tomato Chana Dal Spiced Curry Recipe

Vegetable Chana Dal Recipe

Chana Dal (Non Vegetarian)

Chicken Kebab Burger

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