10 Fabulous Duck Recipes

04.28.15 by Jackie
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I think duck meat is very sophisticated. If you've been following my culinary diary throughout the years, you know I don't eat duck often (for health reasons), but I love how succulent and fabulously flavorful the meat is. My daughter Aria is no different. I just bought some duck breast that I'm about to roast for lunch. Since I've already posted countless recipes about this delicacy, I thought I'd gather my best duck recipes for you to see.

Don't forget to save the duck fat; it makes the most wonderful fries or pommes rissolees! Despite the overstated unsaturated fat health claims, for cooking or frying it's a healthy alternative to beef fat, pork fat, palm oil, coconut oil or even butter and it actually has culinary benefits (it has a higher percentage of mono-unsaturated fat that can help lower levels of blood cholesterol). Plus, unlike olive oil and butter, duck fat can be recycled.

Hope you enjoy cooking and tasting duck meat as much as little Aria and I do!


Smoked Duck and Fig Tartine Recipe

In Pasta Filling

Duck Confit and Morel Mushroom Ravioli Filling Recipe

Roasted Whole Duck

Magret de Canard Roti au Miel Epices (Cardamom, Ginger, Mango and Star Anise spiced Honey Roasted Duck Breast)

Roasted Breast

Homemade Peking Crispy Roast Duck

Apricot Glazed Pan-Roasted Duck Breast Recipe

A Brace of American Birds (Pheasant and Duck)

Roasted Duck Mole

Braised Duck

Red Wine Braised Duck Leg Recipe

In Soup

Chao Vit Recipe (Vietnamese Duck Rice Soup)

Duck Noodle Soup Recipe

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