Our 5th Wedding Anniversary in Cancun

11.08.09 by Jackie
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[-] Incredible! - Guest-VeggieGirl
Happy belated anniversary!! :)

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[-] Happy Anniversary! - Guest-TangledNoodle
It looks as if you had a marvelous time even though you missed your family. I'm really taken by the Quatros Leches - one better than the usual Tres Leches? 8-)

Congratulations again to you and Lulu - wishing you many more happy years together!

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[-] Congrats - Guest-Syrie
Congratulations! Sounds like paradise. I'm glad I saw this post and a different perspective on Cancun. I've always thought it would be awful because of the springbreak stuff. I think I'd like to go there in low season as well. Looks stunning.

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[-] Our 5th Wedding Anniversary in Cancun - Guest-NinetteEnriquen
Happy Anniversary and thank you for sharing your vacation. Seeing the blue water makes me feel like I've had a mini-vacay!

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[-] Quatros Leches - Jackie
yeah, lulu and I had the same reaction. They served the tres leches as well but we figured the quatros leches must be tastier!
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[-] Happy Anniversary - Guest-OysterCulture
Happy Anniversary - what a fun place to go to celebrate. I love the Yucatan area. The food sounds grand, despite the coconuts, and it looks beautiful too! Thanks for sharing.

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[-] Great to have a nice guide - Guest-OurExplorerSightseeingTours
Looks very nice from the photos, cheerful colours and tropical foods. It's great to have a guide being "a veritable fountain of knowledge about all things Mayan", isn't it? :)

local guides, local wisdom

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