Trader Joe's Gingerbread House Review Recipe
I love the weekend preceding Christmas. Everyone's home and we have time to finally relax by the fire. Shayla, my husband's youngest sister, and I spent the afternoon assembling our gingerbread house. I purchased it at Trader Joe's. For about $7, it's definitely worth the money, and I think Shayla enjoyed piping and adding her own candies to decorate the house. However, as pretty as it is, it tasted terrible. Maybe they have to be used right away (I bought the house a week ago), or more likely, they are not intended to be eaten.
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Angelina Patisserie in Paris Recipe

Angelina Patisserie in Paris

12.22.12 by Jackie
When we were in Paris this year, we visited the "salon de thé", Angelina. Lulu and I tried their famed Mont Blanc, which is a meringue-bottomed dessert with a heart of vanilla cream and topped with crème de marron (chestnut spread). You also have to try l'Africain hot chocolate, which is incredibly satisfying on chilly days. My advice is to split the Mont Blanc because it is sweet and very rich. Be sure to come on an empty stomach and don't plan on eating a big meal for a while afterwards.
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Festive Meal Suggestions Recipe

Festive Meal Suggestions

12.21.12 by Jackie

Here's my favorite festive dish ideas for your holiday feast. Growing up, meat and seafood were always a part of our Christmas celebrations, so I included several red meat and seafood dishes for you to consider. And vegetarians, I haven't forgotten you! Vegetarian cassoulet, for instance, is hearty and packed with protein. And the side dishes will give everyone a healthy dose of carb-y goodness. If you're looking for new ideas for potato dishes, there is still time to order my first cookbook, "Haute Potato". If you order it today through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, it should arrive before Christmas.

Enjoy time with your family and friends, and of course, eat up! Diet resolutions don't go into effect for another ten days!

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Christmas Pinwheel Appetizer Recipe Recipe

If you're planning to host a Christmas party or if you're joining a pot luck at your office, consider these colorful appetizers. The pinwheels are made with California Lavash, cream cheese, shredded carrots, spinach and cabbage. They're quick and easy.

You can use whichever lavash variety you like, but I think the green, spinach-flavored lavash is most in-keeping with the holiday theme.

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Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe Recipe

Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

12.19.12 by Jackie

I've been baking a lot these days because I'm planning on giving cake gift baskets to friends and relatives. It's the same Christmas fruit cake I've been baking for many years, in fact, the recipe hasn't changed since my childhood. I actually forgot about it until I found an old post-it tucked into the pocket of an apron with the recipe scribbled on it! It's probably been there since we moved into our new home.

The cake is made with candied fruit, walnuts, honey, brandy and a bit of spices. You can easily double or reduce the quantities to fit your needs. Ho ho ho! Happy baking!

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