Lyonnaise potatoes originated in the city of Lyon, which is famous as a main center of French gastronomy. Generally, pommes de terre lyonnaises is a crisp yet tender potato dish; sliced caramelized onions, combined with olives and sun-dried tomatoes, are added to this recipe for color and a mild contrast of flavor. These potatoes are the perfect accompaniment to any meat dish.

For a South Asian twist, Jacqueline Pham of Pham Fatale looks to Indian spices like cilantro, curry and mint. She uses milk soaked bread to act as binder instead of flour, resulting in a thicker, more sturdy latke. This is a fragrant and spicy latke, redolent with turmeric, onions and jalapenos. Be sure to serve it with raita and mango chutney as the appropriate counterparts for sour cream and applesauce. Namaste Hanukkah!

"A Power Couple, Valley-Style" printed on May 17th, 2009.

Excerpts: "They are married four years, smart and hyper-motivated, unconsciously representing the Valley in so many ways: In their fusion of cultures (Jackie, the first-generation Vietnamese American, [Lulu], the second generation Indian-American); in their business flexibility, their okay-ness with changes in direction; in their optimism that their ideas and ventures [...] She cooks. He codes. Which means he writes the "below-ground" software, the hidden infrastructure on which their online operations rest. [...] In January 2009, up went Pham Fatale: Pham's French, Vietnamese, Indian and fusion recipes, even a searchable archive of her specialties. "And I reveal everything," she says. "You go to a good restaurant and ask, `How did you make it so crispy?' And they won't tell you. I hate that."

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"I loved reading Jacqueline's cute post over at Pham Fatale about her mother-in-law's pomegranate-loving ways" on November 4th, 2009.

Sharing the Best of the Web: "Throughout, we proudly share "the best of the web"óhandpicked links to our favorite recipes and articles, wherever they might live. Every site we link to becomes a "Site We Love." This is one of those sites [...]."

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"This legume is a healthy, filling option for meals, especially when combined with rice. Black-eyed peas were found in West Africa and became a Southern staple because they could grow even in extreme drought. Theyíre believed to bring prosperity when eaten on New Yearís Day. [...]", on February 8th, 2011.

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"I've been enjoying a food blog called Pham Fatale for the past few months. The woman who writes it is way out of my experience, in her upbringing and her present life, as well as her cooking abilities. Born and raised in France, of Vietnamese extraction and married to a man from India, she brings a world of cross cultural knowledge to preparing food that knocks me out of my wooden spoon zone, almost every time she posts. And she posts a lot! Combinations of foods and ingredients I'm familiar with, combined in ways I've never thought about. Foods I've never heard of, with condiments the same. A constant source of interest. Sometimes she'll present something that would just as at home in Puerto Rican cooking as it would be in West Indian, but making it something else altogether. I feel, reading her, that I'm on a cultural tour of one kitchen that takes over the world. And that is a good thing. [...]", on September 11th, 2009.

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"The amazing Jacqueline Pham of PhamFatale posted this GORGEOUS recipe for amazing pink cookies! Maybe itís not so good to blog about cookies when youíre hungry, but Iíll be sure to remedy that as soon as Iím done here!", on September 5th, 2009.

"Pandan Thumbprint Biscuits: I found this recipe on a website I adore and visit often; Pham Fatale. Iím sure many of you have visited Jackieís blog over and over just to gawk at her creative recipes and beautiful photography. This is one recipe that caught my eye months ago and Iíve been pining to try it ever since! [...]", January 20th, 2010.

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"Jackie is a French-Vietnamese, Paris-raised, San Franciscan who lives with her Indian husband. Just looking at her pedigree, you know her recipes are out of this world. Her blog is also beautifully designed, and she really takes you through each recipe step-by-step.", on June 1st, 2009.

The same story as the San Jose Mercury News, also appeared translated in Vietnamese on June 15th, 2009.

The same story as the San Jose Mercury News, also appeared translated in Vietnamese on July 2nd, 2009.

". The same story as the San Jose Mercury News, also appeared translated in Vietnamese on June 15th, 2009.

The same story as the San Jose Mercury News, also appeared translated in Vietnamese on June 14th, 2009.

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"Bi Cuon Chay"

"The lasagna and lemonade recipes may be found on Pham's cooking blog, which is getting 45000 or so visits a month, 60000 when the desserts are over-the-top. Pham Fatale ( features Pham's mouthwatering photographs of her dishes"

"Sweet Pumpkin Desserts and Savory Meals in Time for Thanksgiving", on November 9th, 2009.

Haute Potato Press

Such versatile uses make the potato a standby side dish or a dinner party favorite. In her new cookbook "Haute Potato" (Adams Media, $18.95), Jacqueline Pham writes: "There are few other vegetables dynamic enough to be roasted, boiled, steamed, baked, fried or mashed. Multiply this diversity by the dozens of varieties now readily available and the opportunity to create unique dishes truly knows no bounds."

If you or a cook you know loves spuds, this single-topic cookbook is a good buy. It's billed as a gourmet cookbook with 75 recipes that run the gamut of cuisines from French to Greek, with some Irish, Indian, Latin American and standard USA specialties thrown in. French techniques are prevalent and the recipes have many steps and often ask for ingredients that new cooks won't be familiar with. This is a book for experienced cooks. Even though potatoes are served mostly as a side dish, the effort needed for these recipes transform them into the main event. Plan on making one of the recipes and serve with a simply grilled or baked protein. Many of them are meals in themselves.

The title is a groaner, but the book is quite appealing: "Haute Potato: From pommes rissolées to timbale with Roquefort, 75 gourmet potato recipes," by Jacqueline Pham. The full-color, 190-page hardcover includes such categories as "refreshing," "decadent," "cheesy," "spicy" and "sweet," among others.

As a multi-ethnic cook, Pham thinks of the potato as an international passport of sorts. She showcases the potato in everything from main dishes to desserts.